Smart prepayment meters

I found in the Q&A section this statement : “We’re not yet ready to take Smart Prepay meters. If you have one and want to switch to Bulb, it means we’d have to switch it to credit.” Can you tell me how that is done? Would the meter have to be physically changed for a conventional meter or could it be used as it is for a credit account/monthly billed account?

OK… I’ve discovered the answer to this question…I had a very helpful online chat with Meera earlier today and this is the advice she gave me as to whether the smart prepay meter needs to be physically changed…

"nope- if it’s a prepay smart meter he needs to go through the normal switch site and then on the day of the switch the meter will automatically become credit

what I would say though is that if on the day of the switch the meter still says payasyougo then he needs to get in touch with the old suppliers ASAP to get it changed - generally works out okay but can sometimes be an issue in the meter getting swapped over correctly"

Thanks Meera…this is what my friend plans to do…switch from smart prepay to dumb credit account.