Smart Strips

Trying to reduce the amount of energy my partners computer & playstation uses when not in use. Heard about smart strips - has anyone used them? did they make a difference & do you have any that you would recommend? Thanks loads!

@asfoks - In such a simple case switching the computer and playstation off when not in use would seem the answer and its free?? :slight_smile: I would be interested to hear of anybodies real world experiences of such devices though as I’m always looking for ways to reduce usage.
How far do you take this? How many of these new-fangled USB socket equipped mains socket plates consume power continuously? Once upon a time there was a single phone in a house (externally powered) now we all ‘need’ a base station and assorted walkabouts?
At one point recently whilst carrying out an experiment I had the BT router on, the Europasat satellite router on and also the mobile broadband router on as well (we live relatively remotely and are trying to find the most cost effective solution), the BT router is now ‘programmed’ to go into standby mode from 2300 - 0700 although I don’t know how much this saves.
My wife likes these heated airers, yes they’re useful but at 300W an hour and it would be left on all day…
I’m a great believer in timer sockets. We have a set of batteries (4off Trojan T105’s for those interested) for starting the standby diesel generator. Since I finally wired this all in we have never had a power cut (these tend to occur only in bad winters and we haven’t had one very recently) but the batteries are only charged on Economy 7 via a timer socket.
Even as I type this I’m starting at a red light on the front of the Humax HDR and it hasn’t been ‘used’ for the last 9 1/2 hrs…
I was out in the outbuildings the other evening carrying out some ‘tidying up’ and noted that two of the three ‘bulbs’ were still incandescent ones.
Apologies for hijacking the thread…