Smart tarif and SMETS 2

So bulb installed my smart meters today and I want to go on to the smart tariff.

When I try to register for that it says I need a SMETS1 !!!


The smart tariff isn’t yet compatible with Bulb’s own SMETS2 meters, only certain types of SMETS1 meters previously installed by other suppliers.

Having said that the documentation appeared to have changed very recently.

To join the smart tariff, you currently need a second generation (SMETS2) smart meter for electricity that can send us a reading every half hour. We’re only signing up a small number of members during this testing phase.

I’ve not seen Bulb make any statement about the smart tariff now being available on SMETS2 meters. You’ll have to contact Bulb and ask, although good luck finding any first line support staff that have even heard of the smart tariff trial.

Billing on the smart tariff broke last year in early December. I haven’t had a statement since. I assume it’s something to do with trying to get the system to handle both meter types, but I could be wrong. Hopefully they’ll get it working again soon …

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agreed I had seen this hence my confusion !

What is the best sensible way to contact them to avoid further confusion ?

Phone or webchat. Don’t bother emailing.


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