Smart Tariff Changeover

Anyone who has changed over - is the Smart Tariff cheaper than the Vari-Fair?

Did it take long to get the smart meter fitted and does it work ok?

This is impossible for anyone to answer, since it requires knowledge of your daily usage profile. It works out cheaper for me, because I charge an EV overnight and I’m able to mostly avoid high usage during the peak rate period. For you it may well be very different.

Currently this is irrelevant since the smart tariff trial isn’t available with Bulb’s own SMETS2 meters, only certain compatible SMETS1 smart meters previously fitted by other suppliers.

At some point the smart tariff will become available on Bulb’s SMETS2 meters but there is no date for that yet. In terms of installation, I’d suggest reading some of the many other threads on this community and Bulb’s own blog regarding the issues.

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I had a bulb smart meter fitted 2 weeks ago…it is still not working. Very frustrating with the actual problem support from bulb.

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How is these relevant to the thread topic of the smart tariff trial?

I was replying to the second part of the question ;

‘“Did it take long to get the smart meter fitted and does it work ok?”

That is the relevance!!

It’s not relevant because even if it were fitted instantaneously, it wouldn’t work on the smart tariff.

But I take your point :upside_down_face: