Smart Tariff (non-EV)

Publicly posting hoping it will yield a better response. I’ve chatted to Emma, Sian and Louie over the past few weeks trying to get answer as to whether Bulb will let me switch to its smart tariff (non-EV).

I have a gas and electricity supply with Bulb and only the electricity meter is smart. Bulb can read my smart meter now (finally) as I can see usage being recorded regularly on my account with the label “Smart”. So I would just like smart tariff electricity and flat-rate gas.

Bulb - will you respond please?

I expect they will do sooner or later, but in the meantime, you might want to look at the thread titled:

“Was on Smart Tariff - now taken off it?”

as it seems the Smart Tariff may be no more.

Hey @smt :wave:

We’re still testing out our smart tariff with a small number of members at the moment, but I have added you to the list to let our team know you’d be interested in joining it. They’ll take a look into the account and if we’re able to switch you we should be in touch :relaxed:

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