Smart tariff.

Hi if I switch to the Smart tariff, am I still able to switch back to the standard tariff at any time if wanted to please? Thanks in advance.

@Alan80, Bulb currently only have a single (variable) tariff plus an Economy 7 and PAYG one.

Switching between then currently often requires a change of meter (which is chargeable), however by early next year when smart meters are being rolled out to everyone, moving between tariffs should be as simple as Bulb clicking a button.

They have a new 3 tier smart tariff which is in beta for people with smart meters like myself so still waiting on an answer to this question if anyone can help?

Thanks that’s great I’ll try it out then. I work during peak hours so this sounds ideal for me at the moment :slight_smile:

Hi @Alan80 - yes, whilst we’re in the beta stages, you’ll be able to switch back if you decide it’s not for you.

@mowcius - this is a brand new tariff. It’s for electricity only. You’ll be able to run your appliances overnight to save money on your energy bills. We’ll be writing about it on our blog soon!

@“Eleanor at Bulb”, ahh I see.

Looking at the Yorkshire rates I don’t think it would make any sense for me even when I have a smart meter but it’s nice to see a tariff to please electric car owners :slight_smile:

Is this tariff based purely on wholesale prices or has any consideration been made for grid carbon?
The cutoff times seem close to what Carbon Bot normally recommends, but not quite.

The tariff is based on distribution and transmission charges - the cost of transporting the electricity to a member’s house - only. These are significantly higher between 4-7, which is why the Peak price is much higher.

Different regions apply different distribution and transmission charge uplift during the Peak hours, which is why there is regional variation in the Peak rate

Carbon Bot takes the data from the Carbon Intensity API. Interesting that on here, you can find out the regional variations in energy generation mix on the grid. Looks like ‘Up North’ is much greener at the moment.

I like the idea of this feature!!!

We just had a smart meter fitted today and I looked at the smart tariff, but unless you can remember to put your washing machine, dishwasher etc to run overnight I doubt I would save any money. There isn’t such a big difference between the vari tariff and the off peak tariff, but the tarrif at peak times is horrendously high!

@Lyn_Andrews, the smart tariff is likely going to be best for those who are on a single fuel, and/or have at least one electric car.
In those situations, the vast majority of your energy use (storage heating either wet or electric, and car charging) can pretty easily be moved to off-peak hours.

For the rest of us, it’s less likely to make sense. Aside from my washing machine, everything else electrical in my house is used when I need it. I can’t switch any of that usage to a different time to coincide with cheaper rates.

@mowcius, yes I agree with you. I do have delay timers on both my washing machine and dishwasher so I could set them to run overnight but then I’d have to be up early to empty them the next day, I’m sure the novelty of that would wear off pretty soon. Would also be hard to use the tumble dryer as my machine is a washing/dryer so I’d have to wait till the next night to dry anything, so pretty pointless. We don’t have an electric car or storage heaters so I guess we will stick with our current tariff.