Smart things App With Smart Meter

I noticed yesterday the support article re linking SmartThings to your IHD so gave it a try. Other than it said nothing paired it seems to have connected but the data seems suspect not agreeing with the IHD and clicking on the gas meter reading makes the app restart.

Also as the IHD keeps loosing connection (for electric, every 30 min gas readings seem to keep being received).

Still it is only Version 1 :slight_smile:

Electric data stopped so rebooted display to restore.

Existing thread here: Samsung Energy App - New?

Cool, never thought of looking in “About Bulb”.

Anyway, it seems generally reading that it does not work properly (no gas consumption data) and makes no use of the SmartThings hub.

As it does not use the SmartThings hub I would have expected to show more history of energy consumption. (Assumed it would use that to perhaps store data and provide remote access to data which I guess won’t work).

Today’s cost in app of energy also disagrees with IHD.

Is the difference in cost between the app and the IHD due to the standing charge (20.44p)?

My IHD excludes the standing charge and the app includes it.

You could be right re the standing charge but it has stopped saying I am using any electricity but the SmartThings still says it is getting data electricity data every minute and gas every 30 minutes.

The same thing has happened to me a few times, but after a period of time it has “self-corrected” and starting giving accurate information again.

If the connection between the electricity meter and the IHD drops it will stop updating.

When the connection is reformed it should back fill.

Am certain Bulb are working on a fix for the IHD/ Electricity meter connection issue which should make it more stable.

Mine works fine :smile:

But why do Bulb spend there time to bring out a smart things app, instead of concentrating on getting the IHD to work. I had my smart meters installed beginning of May, and until now it does not show any data. I have sent numerous emails, and spoken to various people online, but still nothing shows up. This morning I got an email, about the smart thing app. But what’s the point if my IHD doesn’t show any data…

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Does it show intermittent data or none at all?

No data has ever been shown since day 1.

We had a power cut on Saturday night
When the power came back on,the electric usage came on the home display. But I have no gas usage since Saturday thank you
Mr m dean