Smart Things Energy Monitor

Having recently had my SMETS 2 meter installed with IHD6 I have been trying to use the Smart Things energy display. I have successfully connected to WiFi and paired the IHD with the App but no data is displayed. It simply says getting data this make take a while but however long you wait nothing happens. Any ideas?

Smartthings gets it’s data from the IHD. If the IHD is properly connected to the network and data is dislplayed it will eventually connect to Smartthings, if the IHD isn’t displaying data it won’t connect to Smartthings.

The SmartThings app will keep saying “getting data” until someone at Bulb allows your tarrif details to be picked up by the app. Took around 2 weeks for me. Here is a reply to @solomon1 in the other SmartThings thread from Bulb.

Thanks for that. I am connected to the IHD and receiving just the meter readings from that but like you say nothing relating to the tariff or cost. Must be like you say. I switched just before Christmas. Maybe if I just wait it will happen.