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I’ve been with Bulb a year or more now and everything seems fine. I’ve recently had a link pop up proudly proclaiming that you are partnering with Samsung and I can claim a smart things hub and two smart plugs if I transfer to Bulb

I’ve looked in vain for a similar offer as an existing customer, where is it? Please don’t tell me this is a “brand new customers only” kind of deal?

Thanks in advance

New customers only :frowning: I was also upset when i saw the promotion in the smartthings app.

It is worth to mention you also need to have second generation smart meter to use it. I am just switching over to Bulb and was gutted when found out my smart meter is only 1st gen.

No this is false. You need a smart meter to see the usage data on your phone,if you connect your IHD to your smartthings account. You do not need a smart meter to claim the smartthings hub and the 2 smartplugs.

(unrelated note, Your first generation meter is going to be updated some time this year. If your have a IHD with WiFi, you will then be able to use the smartthings app and the smart meter, without a upgrade.)

Yes and no (I believe). My 1st gen smart meter came with old IHD (without WiFi). When I contacted SSE to upgrade IHD, I was told they cannot upgrade it, because of old (1st gen smart meter) and it simply would work.
So what you’re saying, I can upgrade IHD and wait for 1st gen to be upgraded to 2nd gen?

Hi @cholek3 and @izzyhunt, thanks for raising some very important points.

You are correct insomuch as that you don’t need to have a second-generation (SMETS2) smart meter to take advantage of the Samsung SmartThings sign-up offer. You can still sign up for this offer and claim the SmartPlugs, even if you don’t have a second generation (SMETS2) smart meter. It is also worth mentioning that as this is a sign-up offer, you would not be able to claim referral credit or cashback offers if you sign up through the Samsung affiliate link.

To use the SmartThings Energy Control Service app, you will need to have an enrolled first generation (SMETS1) or second generation (SMETS2) smart meter and a Chameleon In-Home Display that is connected to Wi-Fi for everything to link correctly on the app. Unfortunately, while we will be able to enrol SMETS1 meters onto our smart network soon, members will also need to have a Chameleon-brand IHD from the supplier who installed their meters for everything to connect properly.

Thanks for your input. But I have just been on a chat with one of your colleagues and basically I was told I cannot have SmartThings hub. But you say otherwise? I have just signed up to Bulb (I gave my first meter reading yesterday) and I really want to have a SmartThings hub. I have 1st gen SM, which (as you say) will be upgraded to 2nd gen eventually, so I would like to be “ready” when this happens. Can you advise? I have attached part of our conversation from the mentioned chat.

@cholek3 For clarification about the deal, I’ve laid it out in more detail below. I’m sorry if you’ve received conflicting information about this.

There are two parts to the SmartThings deal and you don’t need a smart meter for the first one.

  1. The free kit :electric_plug:

Firstly, the plugs can be controlled remotely via the Samsung SmartThings App (free to download). They’re even compatible with other devices like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for voice control.
You do not have to have a working SMETS2 meter to get this part of the deal. Anyone can get the free kit and control it via the SmartThings app.

  1. The app :iphone:

The other aspect of the deal relates to SMETS2 smart meters and Chameleon IHDs (other manufacturers’ IHDs will not work). Members can pair the SmartThings app to their IHD to see detailed, real-time energy usage info on their smartphones.

Anyone with a SMETS2 and a Chameleon IHD can benefit from the app (as long as they have connected the IHD to wifi).

I’m afraid we can’t retrospectively add the SmartThings deal to your account as you signed up through a price comparison site.

Your smart meters won’t be upgraded to second generation smart meters. They will be integrated onto the smart network we have access to so they’ll become smart again and we’ll be able to remotely read them. Let me know if you’ve got any other questions :slightly_smiling_face:

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@nealegamble Welcome to our Community, thank you for your question :bulb:

I’m afraid we can’t retrospectively add the deal to your account. However you can benefit from part two of the deal now, you don’t need to have signed up through SmartThings to do so :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for clearing that up. Shame I didn’t know not to use comparison website to sign up. I am guessing that’s what most people do these days.
I also understand that my SMETS1 smart meter won’t be physically upgraded to SMETS2, only OTA upgrade.
So to bottom it up… With SMETS1 SM, I am stuck with current basic IHD (which will only show my current usage locally), but has pretty non existent battery, so is no longer “mobile” around the house. Later on, after Over-the-air upgrade, you will be able to read my smart meters, but I will still have old IHD,unless my SMETS1 will be physically upgraded to SMETS2 (which, let’s face it, won’t happen fast, or if ever). :wink:

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@cholek3 In the long run, it may be possible for us to send a new IHD to you once we’ve connected to your meters. However it’s not something that we currently offer I’m afraid.

So for the moment, yes, you’ve summarised that correctly :+1:

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Thanks @Sophiem_at_Bulb
For future users with SMETS1 Smart meters, who will end up here searching forum or Google, you may consider this solution. This should be sufficient to integrate it with current home automations such as Home Assistant or similar (using API), as well as view your usage on your smartphone. They also offer SMETS2 solution with IHD.

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