Smart versus old fashioned dial meter

I moved into a house with smart meters already installed by another company. I chose to go with Bulb, not realising the smart meters would not work with them. I have struggled ever since to read my meters with their confusing displays. I am never sure which number I should be reading and the numerals themselves are not always clear. I am fed up with it now as has been going on for more than 18months. WOULD IT PLEASE BE POSSIBLE TO REVERT TO THE OLD FASHIONED EASY-TO-READ STYLE OF DIAL METERS? I cannot see the point of smart meters that are far from smart. I have no idea if any of the readings I have had to supply Bulb with myself are correct. My monthly payments and seeming consumption have increased considerably. I do not trust these meters and do not want them any more. Please will someone from Bulb contact me about this.

I have the same issue, although I just switched to bulb from Ovo who had installed the smart reader.

Anyone have any idea how to read a smart reader from Ovo so I can duly submit readings to Bulb?

Thanks so much.