Smarthings IHD - Not receiving Data


Managed to successfully pair the app with IHD through smartphone but no data is coming through after 30min wait. Should I wait longer or something wrong?

Do you get data on your IHD? Smartthings has never shown data for me, but that’s because the IHD has never worked properly and never displayed data since it was installed in April 2019.

that sux

yes i do see data on the IHD.

Tried reinstalling still nothing. Anyone from Bulb can help?

I think someone from Bulb will answer eventually - I think they’re more active in an evening, and try to work through posts in some kind of order of posting.

Just another thing - your IHD isn’t showing Demo data is it? It is actually your data it’s displaying?

Yea its real data as I can see it spike when the washing machine, dishwasher goes on then come back down again.

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Anyone from bulb can help with this? It just doesn’t work.

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