Smartmeters in stalled on Dec 8, gas meter send in 1 reading on Dec 10 and nothing after that

We had our smart meters installed on Dec 8, all reset to 0. On Dec 10 the Gas meter send in one reading and after that nothing. Looks like our Electric meter has never send in any readings.

Oohhh and the IHD6 took about 2 weeks before it connected to the wifi and does not talk to the smart meters at all.

So much for SMART meters.

You might find that the gas meter is set to monthly, so check again in January. That’s what mine does, despite my account saying half hourly. Just like you, my electricity is dumb and the IHD is showing “demo” data.

Highly unlikely that they will ever work…

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Hi @rve,

I’ve just popped you an email as I couldn’t find an account for you. Please get back to me there so I can look into this for you.


Thank you.
I have responded to the email.