SmartThings App - BULB is not an available option

I am a BULB account holder with an IHD6 device.

I have tried following the instructions on both the SmartThings website and on the Bulb website but when it asks to “add device” - “Bulb Energy” is not one of the available options. This essentially means that I am unable to continue with the set up.

Is this something which you can help me with?



Welcome @solomon1

Within the app Select

  1. Add device
  2. By Brand
  3. Bulb

As shown below. Hope that helps

To get to the screen above do the following

  1. Select the + symbol

  2. Select Device

  3. Proceed as previously shown

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I am using the IOS app as I have an iPhone. But BULB is definitely not on the list of devices. Please see the attached.

Also I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled it to ensure I have the latest version.

Hmm how strange. Sorry about that. There clearly seems to be a difference between Android and iOs!

I worked out the issue for Bulb not appearing. It looks like SmartThings has started geofencing devices based on Samsung account locations. I realised my Samsung account (not SmartThings app) had my location as the USA for some reason. I couldn’t change it - Samsung customer service probably can - so I created a new Samsung account in SmartThings and now it says I’m in the UK and Bulb materialised.

Let me be clear, it is to do with the Samsung account location not SmartThings house location.


Thanks Kevin. You are a star. This has worked and the issue has been resolved.

Happy New Year.