SmartThings Mobile App and Gas Usage?


I have the IHD6 working fine with my meters for both Electricity and Gas. IHD6 is connected to Wi-Fi.

I successfully installed the Samsung SmartThings app and linked my bulb account/IHD6.

BUT on the SmartThings App, I am only getting Electricity usage (readings updated every 1 minute) BUT no Gas Readings (says no data under Devices).

Also, I am not getting any option for a “SmartThings Energy Control” page for Gas Usage. I only get the option for Electricity.

Is Gas usage not available on the app?


Get @kevkdg Thanks for your post.

We are getting Gas data however I believe you only had your install yesterday, It may take a few days for everything to get up and running however it should be available on the app soon, could you let us know if this is still ongoing on Monday?

–Carl :bulb:

No problem Carl… the gas readings are coming through fine to the IHD6 display, but not getting to the SmartThings app. I thought the SmartThings app got it’s data from the IHD6 device via that being connected to the internet via Wi-Fi?

Also, whilst I’m here, do Gas readings update less frequently than the electricity ones on the IHD6 device?

Hi @kevkdg,

Sorry for the delay here,

The SmartThings app should be connected to your IHD.

The usage info should upload into the IHD at the same frequency but each fuel may update at different times.

– KT :bulb: