Smat meters smeg2?

how can I see what sort of meter I have. I’m now on my second, installed for a small Bristol supplier, and really find providing my meter readings a bit of a bind…

Hi @pgcain,

I’m guessing you are asking if you have a SMETS2 smart meter - if you let us know the make and model (which should be printed on the meter), we can do an online search for that and let you know. If it was installed before October, the odds are it’s a ‘single provider SMETS1 meter’ (and even past October, it’s probably still a SMETS1 until stock of those run out).

If you check the ‘Bulb and Smart Meters’ thread at the top of this forum at , you’ll see what models of SMETS1 meters Bulb is hoping to support in the near future (read ‘early next year’) and they are hoping to read any installed SMETS2 meters sooner - if you log into your account at and go to Tariff you may be able to select the Smart Tariff and go through the process to get the smart tariff as detailed on which will require your meter to report back (so hopefully Bulb, at some point during that signup flow, checks your meter type: I haven’t gone through it yet myself as I know I haven’t got a smart meter and have no urgency to get one).