Smets 1 L&G IHD no information

Our Smets1 Landis Gyr has not worked with Bulb for at least 3 years, the last few months it semi came to life with Electricity graph and both gas and elec readings, no Gas useage graph nor current unit costs so no real way still of seeing what we use in cost

This morning the meter is again blank, no info of any kind, no changes in environment, signal at 100%, used the reset button online but still nothing

Its a long shot but can anyone from bulb give any reasonable explanation why the SM has gone blank with zero info being sent to it from the meters

The IHD says paired, so that is working and fine, there is simply nothing being sent to it so all graphs and readings are non existent or display 0

We would really appreciate attention to the issue of information not being sent to the IHD please from Bulb

We also fully appreciate Bulb did not fit the Smets1 meter and that the DCC is responsible for the Smart meter network BUT

Customers cannot contact the DCC directly, only companies registered to them, as Bulb or its now controlling body is the customer to the DCC and my supplier we politely request Bulb contact the DCC on our behalf and inquire to the current condition of our connection and any progress being made to the adoption of Smets1

We do not need automatic readings to be sent back to Bulb, we simply need to visualy see the amount of electricity and gas that is being used so that we can make changes that will reduce our current £3500 yearly estimate

Our request is a very reasonable one and we would appreciate Bulbs help