SMETS 1 re-enable half done

I have an EDF Smart meter that lost all functionality when I moved to you. Approx 12 months ago (although definitely way more than 6 months) I received an email saying that you had some good news for me that you would soon be able to reactivate my smart meter. At the time I wasn’t optimistic because EDF never managed it in the 2 years I had it with them other than for a single month which was one of the reasons I switched so I thought nothing more about it.

At the end of last month (Approx 28th) I noticed a change in the app and saw that the Gas meter was sending data back and usage was being logged, I also looked at the IHD and even that had the correct data for gas on it! So it looked like progress however well over two weeks later and still no sign of the electricity meter being sorted and working.

Is there any chance that at some point in the future I may have a fully working smart meter system approximately 5 years after installation? The reason I ask is that I am astonished that there is no movement on the electricity meter given that the gas meter sends it’s information to the electricity meter for transmission and to give the data to the IHD on the meter I have so clearly there is communication between the network and the electricity meter, I know this because EDF failed to set the link up correctly between the two meters on initial install and 6 months after install they talked me through connecting the gas meter up to the electricity meter.

Please can I get an update?

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I guess I can’t get an update then have seen many other questions answered after mine but this is just ignored :frowning:

Hi @olijack :wave: and welcome to the Community

You have first generation (SMETS1) meters, that unfortunately lost connection to the smart network when they were switched away from the installing supplier, EDF.

We’re currently working with the Data Communications Company (DCC) to bring all of these meters online again so that we can get your readings automatically.

Your electricity meter should be online in a month or so. I’d recommend checking back on your account in a couple of months to see if both meters are connected and sending reads.

Really sorry this one seemed to have slipped through the net. If there’s anything else you need, let us know below :point_down: or I can send over an email if you’d prefer.

Ollie :musical_note:

Sorry to hijack. Can my meter also be checked. My IHD stopped working when I moved away from BG but has been working (minus tariff data) since December.
As it is showing current usage, historical usage and Correctly shows the meter reading, surely this means it has been adopted onto the DCC somewhat?

Hi OllieN I am fully aware of the fact I have SMETS1 and that they stopped working when I moved from EDF 3/4 years ago my issue was that it is taking forever from my initial we will soon be able to read your meter 12 months ago to what I have now which is a gas meter sending readings via the electricity meter to DCC but no electricity readings and no real understanding or contact from BULB as to why when you can get the gas readings via the meter that you aren’t getting the Electricity readings from.

In your defence you are actually doing better than the complete cock up I used to have with EDF when the meters where initially installed as at least I have a fully correct gas system even down to the correct info on the IHD which EDF only managed for 1 month of the 2 years I had the meters in.

Anyway I guess it is back to waiting and hoping that at some point in the future the monumental cock up across all electric companies of SMETS1 meters is finally sorted so that the customers who where early adopters and effectively the energy firm’s Beta testers finally get the same level of service that those fortunate enough to have SMETS2 installed get.

Oh an joe no problem hijacking the thread I hope you get sorted looks like you may be a bit closer than I have ever been :grinning:

Hi @olijack :wave:t4:

I have taken a further look and can see that the gas has been enrolled to the DCC network but not your electricity. The team are working on this so you may need to wait a little longer for us to get this connected. In the meantime please do keep sending us your manual reads…

Hi @joe.mitchener :wave:t4:

I can see that your meter has not been enrolled to the DCC network just yet so once we are able to we can get you up and running. We will contact you to let you know :smiley:

–Suki :hibiscus:

Thanks Suki but this isn’t correct.

I was reading PC Pro magazine last night and they gave information about how to access the DCC network data for your own meters via the Bright app which is operated by Hildebrand an authorised and registered DCC user.

I now have access to the smart meter data and DCC have been capturing the data all the way back since April 17th 2021 this approx. 1 month after I was advised that you where working to read my meters!

I have checked the data and it looks correct giving usage that is accurate the only thing that DCC don’t appear to have is tariff data which would imply to me that the issue is yours and not lack of enrolment on the DCC network that your message states.