SMETs 1 upgrade


I understand from this site that some SMETs 1 meters are to be upgraded this year. My meters were installed by SSE a few years ago and are on the list (Elster BK-G4E GSME, Elster AS 300P ESME). Is it possible to know what the current timeframes are for the switchover, or indeed if already done? Upon switchover will Bulb automatically start reading my meters or does some other step need to be done to link the meters to my account? Will there be any communication with me prior / after the switchover?


Still awaiting above question including bulbs enrollment and adoption of my SMETS 1 meter…

I suspect the problem is that even Bulb do not yet know the answers to your questions. You’ll just have to be patient. If you really want to get an answer, I’d suggest using Bulb’s actual customer service channels such as phone, email, or webchat. As you’ve seen, this customer forum is mostly for chat between us customers, and Bulb rarely answer question these days.