SMETS1 Meter not working with Bulb

My smart meter worked when I left British Gas but became a dumb meter on moving to Bulb four years ago. Because Bulb initially promised to install working meters for new customers I wasn’t too worried but four years on my meter still isn’t working.

Recently the orange and red LEDs all turned green. WAN solid green and HAN flashing green.

I’ve been told by another company that my meter has almost certainly been enrolled in the national service (I have a solid green WAN light on the meter LED) but that it isn’t working because it is waiting to be enrolled in the billing service by my current provider, Bulb.

My HAN light is flashing green indicating that it has a successful connection with the in-home display which has started working. I’ve been told that this means that the meter software has been successfully updated remotely.

I have a solid green light on the WAN led (Landis+GYR E470) indicating that it can connect to cellular service but no flashing green light - so it can’t send or receive data.

The lack of a smart meter means that I can’t access a cheaper off-peak tariff.

Bulb has stated that there would be an Ofgem fine for installing a SMETS2 meter to replace a SMETS1 meter. The other company has told me that they would install a SMETS2 meter if I wanted to access a tariff that required a working meter.

I joined Bulb because I believed the publicity promises that were made - a meter rollout scheme to replace inactive smart meters. The rollout scheme never did reach my area before Bulb stated that the rules had changed and SMETS1 meters wouldn’t be replaced.

It doesn’t seem fair that I should be charged more at a time of high prices because I am limited to a fixed tariff.

It also doesn’t seem right the Bulb refuses to replace a non working smart meter when other companies are actively willing to do this without mentioning a “fine”.

Surely it can’t be right that four years after moving to Bulb I still don’t have a working smart meter (despite the installation publicity claims from Bulb when I signed up). Submitting manual readings has been an arduous task because of an initial reading error four years ago.

Consumer rights don’t seem to play a big part in Bulb’s decision-making.

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I would gladly confine my smet 1 meters to the local tip gas meter not working and after being told these meters would be replaced i have just been informed that they will not be replaced unless i pay, wish i had my old meters back at least they were reliable and if a fault did happen they were fixed or replace quickly now i pay meter charges and one does not work and i have to read them , reckon they should be paying me to do their work.

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Hey, I don’t suppose you ever got anywhere with this? I’m really keen to get my energy monitoring into HomeAssistant too given the tragic costs these days of energy but I also have a SMETS1 meter, exactly the same as yours actually. The PWR and WAN lights are green on mine with a red HAN light - the previous home owners didn’t leave the British Gas in home display so I’m lost on that one.

Bulb will tell me “It’ll be migrated by the end of this year” but they also said that about last year, whilst I do understand it’s the DCCs problem and not theirs… it’s pretty annoying!

Just a case of waiting until the end of the year and really hoping the DCC manage to get a move on and stick to their promise?

I’ve got nowhere with Bulb which only reinforces my deep regret at stupidly switching to them in the first place.

Bulb initially promised at sign up to teplace SMETS1 meters with SMETS2 meters when their installers were in my area. They never were in my area and thus the point of sale service assurance was never fulfilled.

Four years later, it’s costing me extra money in energy costs because I don’t have a working smart meter and thus can’t switch to a smart tariff. Instead of supporting customers in these crazily expensive times, Bulb cites an Ofgem “fine” as a reason for “computer says no”. In the meantime I - and no doubt many others - are paying much more in energy costs than should be the case.

Some energy companies will replace a SMETS1 with a SMETS2 meter and I even have an offer in writing from one well known company - with no mention of a “fine” and a customer service response that is clearly excellent considering I’m not even a customer.

Your HAN (Home Area Network) light is red because you have no home monitor connected to your meter.

Your other two lights are green (rather than red) because DCC has likely completed its part of the migration process. I think the problem is that now Bulb and the original installer (? British Gas) need to do their part. That’s where the problem seems to be for me too.

When the process has completed the other light will pulse/flash green every second or so to indicate that data is being sent and received.

My meter sprang to life in January - red lights turned green - but there’s still no active connection.

Bulb will not assist with this and won’t swap meters even to support switching to a cheaper smart tariff. Other companies will but Bulb won’t.

I will admit the customer service is generally a bit sub par when it comes to things like this, I generally get the generic “there’s nothing we can do, it’s out of our hands” message but based on what you’ve said it sounds like it’s literally with them if the DCC have finished their end… That’s been their excuse so far but not to worry as I’ll be updated when it’s ready.

I wonder if anything to do with them going into administration is causing a lack of funding on this side of things… I imagine the next thing will be they’re unable to send me out a home monitor either.

I would pop a CT clamp or a light reader in the cabinet with the meter and just do it that way myself but sadly the meter is on the outside of the house so I’ve not really got anyway of getting power to a microcontroller sitting in the cabinet. I would just move supplier straight away to a more supportive energy company if things weren’t as they are right now!

You’re probably aware of this given your research but I’m just going to grab a Zigbee LED diode reader. The “frient Electricity Meter Interface” one on Amazon fits the bill, battery powered so will work in the outside electric cabinet next to the front door too with no risk/disruption to the current meter.

It should mean I can get the electric readings at least (not gas) into HomeAssistant and with much more accurate real-time tracking than bulb will give me even after the meter “upgrade” too. Thought it was worth mentioning!

Edit: Also I’m not sure the WAN being green is an indication of the DCC migration as a company called “Glow” claim to be able to read data from the DCC if you grant them permission to do so which you can do via their “bright” app. When I type in my MPAN code it states it’s not yet been enrolled in the DCC system - despite that green light. Which I guess makes more sense given bulb also states they can’t get the data too.