SMETS1 meter still not working

I understand the updating of 1st gen smart meters is still being done. However, my IHD is now showing all information about energy usage etc, but no costs. I thought that when it became useable again, it meant the update by DCC would have bern done. My Bulb app still advises that my meter is not working, but as soon as it is I will be informed. It’s very frustrating.

Hi @KayJ :wave:

It doesn’t appear that your meter has been enrolled on to the DCC network yet as we are not receiving any of your readings. Once this has been updated we will email you to confirm we are now receiving smart meter readings.

If you want to check up on your usage and what you’ve been charged, we generally say that the meter readings themselves are most important. We always bill to a reading at the start of the billing month and again at the end to make sure we’ve got the right consumption information :bulb:


Jenny :star:

Sorry to hijack your thread but I may have some info to help you.

I note you have been told that your meter hasn’t been enrolled on DCC I am in the position of my gas going through but not the electricity and I was also told that the electricity hadn’t been enrolled on DCC but that isn’t the case and now they don’t respond.

If you wish to check if your meters are on DCC and have access to a mobile phone/tablet you can get an app called Bright from a company called Hildebrand. They are an authorised DCC user and can allow you through their app to see your usage of they are on DCC as mine BOTH are.

Thank you for this, I will look into it tomorrow.