Does anyone know how to confirm wheteher i have a SMETS1 or SMETS2 meter installed by Bulb?

I don’t have 6 hours to waste on the phone today so hoping there is an easy way to figure this out myself. :crossed_fingers:

According to blub they only install smets 2 meters

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That makes life easier, cheers

Hey @DarylC I hope everything has gone smoothly with your smart installation.

@skippy64 is correct in saying that we only install SMETS2 meters and not SMETS1, this means that our meters are enrolled onto the national smart network and will remain ‘smart’ regardless of your supplier

Thanks for taking my chat,I have an online service,they said “If your tariff is not being shown that is entirely down to Bulb - you need to chase them down and tell them you are using a service that gives you the half hourly data and prices from the DCC (which in turn retrieves them from the meter) and could they please correct this.” ALL my data is STILL contained in my SMETS2 electric and gas meters,in Half Hour readings (as is REQUIRED by the law) so please beg and pray of DCC or YOUR smart tem to give me my data,Thanks

Hi @redw756389,

I can see you have a complaint currently raised with on of our Smart Guru’s, and they are best placed to help resolve this issue effectively. I’ve chased up a response to your most recent email, you should receive that soon - really sorry for the delay! :smile: