SMETS2 and Bulb App connectivity

Just wondering whether there will be a connection between the new SMETS2 meters and the app so you can see your energy usage, and whether or not you’d also be able to see this in real time to get an idea of how much energy is being used as certain appliances are being run?

Hi @CJames,

It’s my belief (i.e. there’s been no confirmation either way) that the new SMETS2 meters will come with In-Home displays and support the ZigBee SEP v1 protocol (this is actually in the SMETS2 specification last time I checked) allowing for in-home assistance/devices to connect to them (you may need a Zigbee receiver though).

Whether Bulb will give us an API on their end and/or web pages for ‘ease of use’ is currently unknown. I really hope they do provide an API as then people could hook into to build their own dashboards and if they worked with IFTTT people could easily do basic implementations/interactions (such as get an email is usage exceeds X level, transfer money from your Monzo account to a ‘Electrical savings’ pot if you use less than a set amount in a day etc etc).