SMETS2 Commissioning


I’ve raised this a couple of times with support but never got an answer.

I live in a new build property. British Gas installed a SMETS2 meter but it was never commissioned and I was never supplied with an IHD. I moved to bulb last year and have asked to an IHD. Initially I was told this wasn’t possible but upon asking to raise a complaint, I was told it needed to be commissioned and would be done on the next batch.

I chased it again but no further forward.

Anyone have any ideas? Also I’m sure bulb promised to credit customers when they failed to respond to emails in time - have I just imagined that or is that a thing?


Hi @aoused Thanks for your query and welcome to the Bulb Community.

I’m sorry that you’ve not had more clarity on this, we’ve been working on the remote commissioning process for meters that weren’t connected to the smart network on the day of the installation.

I can see a previous discussion confirming the meters were not commissioned, but not whether this was escalated further at the time. I’ve raised this with our smart team and will update you on this once I’ve had a response

Is there any update yet?

Hi @aoused,

Sorry we’ve taken so long to get back to you. We’ve raised it with SMART and they’re querying what we can do as your meters weren’t commissioned by British Gas (the process would be a lot easier if the meter’s were commissioned).

Once they’ve got back to us, we’ll let you know.

Thanks for your patience with this


Please can I have an update on this?

Hi @aoused

Thanks for your patience, we’ve gotten an update on this from our smart team.

Unfortunately, as the meters were never commissioned by British Gas there is nothing we can currently do on our end to get the meters working. I appreciate this must be frustrating to hear, but as the issue was pre-existing we cannot fix them. Your meters have been programmed using British Gas’ security credentials which only they have access to, and these are not shared between suppliers. Without them, we would be unable to upload Bulb’s security credentials onto the meter. I am sorry we’re unable to help more with this.


I’ve spoken to British Gas, they are unable to assist. They have pointed out the meters are the responsibility of my current supplier.

If you cannot take the current meter over, please arrange for new meters to be fitted.

Many thanks.

Hi @aoused

Apologies if I was unclear in my previous response. British Gas will not be able to help in this situation as they are no longer supplying.

We do supply, but it is the fact there is a pre-existing issue that’s stopping us remotely communicating with the meters. This is a software rather than hardware issue, so we wouldn’t replace the meters themselves as it is something we should be able to fix remotely at some point. I was trying to explain why we can’t give a timeframe for this just yet. I do appreciate this must be frustrating for you, and I am sorry we can’t help more with this just yet.


Can I have a deadlock letter confirming nothing can currently be done please

Many thanks.

Hi @aoused

I’m going to send over an email shortly explaining a bit more about why this can’t be done at the moment, and the options we have moving forward.