SMETS2 Gas Ongoing Issues

Giving it upfront…I work for another energy supplier.

Having a bit of an ongoing saga at the minute with my SMETS2 Gas Meter and PPMID. They were previously installed by BGas and are L&Gs for both fuels (E470 & G470) with an EDMI Comms Hub and a GeoTrio 2. The electric meter is a High Noise L&G.

However since moving to Bulb, my PPMID hasn’t recorded any usage at all for the gas since I joined on the 2nd of September. Bulb have apparently rebooted the Comms Hub via the DCC and can take up to 6 weeks and as I am in the ‘North’.

I’ve spoke to my own contacts at the DCC for advice and how long it should take and they’ve explained it shouldn’t take as long as this, which I already knew.

I’ve asked for Bulb to get Siemens out seeing as they are the MOP now to either investigate a Comms Fault and put a new Comms Hub and PPMID in but they seem hesitant to do so.

Also I’m in the position now that as Bulb have ‘rebooted’ the Comms Hub, my online account hasn’t got any meter readings since the 4th of September.

Has anyone else had issues with SMEST2 that were installed by another supplier?

Hi @garymcewan72, firstly welcome to the Bulb community :raised_hands:

I can see that we are still waiting for the comms hub to be rebooted, so we would need to wait for this process to go through before we could go forward with anything else, as this may well work and get your smart readings coming through again. I appreciate this is a frustrating wait, but hopefully this will get your smart meters readings coming through.

Hi Lou,

I’ve spoke to my contacts again at the DCC today and they are completely dumbfounded as to why you’re claiming it takes 6 weeks in the North to reboot a Comms Hub.

Unfortunately if you are digging your heels in then, if needs to be I’ll need to raise a complaint and get it deadlocked so that I can take it to the Ombudsman for them to find out exactly as to what is going on.

Hi @garymcewan72, I completely understand where you’re coming from - I’ve raised a complaint for you via email, so hopefully we can get this resolved for you there.

This is interesting. you have contacts at the DCC who are saying that it shouldn’t take this long, then bulb employees have historically said that there waiting for the DCC from 4-6 weeks? What’s going on here then bulb?

Like I said upfront, I work for another energy supplier primarily with SMETS2, the DCC, Arqiva and Telefonica when we experience commissioning issues for MOPS in the field.

It really shouldn’t be as hard as this to get something like this fixed.