Smets2 gas readings are wrong?

Hello, I had my SMETS2 meter installed in March 2020 and my readings have been off since then. My gas usage for Jan-Feb was 27 units, Feb-Mar 22 units, and Jul-Aug 25 units. However for the period Mar-Jul there is a total of 272 units. which would correspond to an average of 68 units per month. I got in touch via chat and apparently there is even a reading of 102 units for May. This seems absurd to me, as I most definitely did not triple or quadruple my gas usage in those month? Especially considering that the heating was on in Jan-Feb and definitely off in May?

Also my IHD never worked despite doing all the troubleshooting several times so I have no way of keeping track of usage until the bill comes. How am I supposed to challenge a reading?

Hi @Doonie11 and welcome to our community :sunglasses:

I’ve just sent you an email so we can investigate and fix this situation.