SMETS2/IHD/CAD and getting the data on 1/2 hourly readings

I will shortly be having a SMETS2 meter and IHD installed, I understand from the Chameleon Technology website that their IHDs can include a CAD, I presume this is how smart things integration works?

What I am trying to find out is how I get the data for my 1/2 hourly readings so I can use it to do the following:

  1. Fine tune my usage so that I am making the best value
  2. Be able to use the 1/2 hourly data to know if a tariff change is better value.

I do not need real time data just an archive of all smart meter readings via download or API.

At the moment I understand that you cannot directly access the data and take a copy of your data either directly from the Meter, its IHD, via the API which is hard coded to send data to Chameleon nor from them or Bulb. - A key use case of providing a timely feed of data to customers is one of the use cases that the industry has conveniently forgotten.

My recommendation delay getting a SmartMeter for as long as possible until the industry starts to recognise that this is the CUSTOMERS data and they should GET ACCESS TO IT DIRECTLY - as is the case in some nordic countries. Data should not need to be routed via the Meter manufacturer, the Electricity supplier or Capita’s Meter reading network.

Please if I am wrong someone from Bulb correct me.

P.S Its the same as Open Banking - The one thing you cannot do is directly access your data. (Insert meaningless reasons using the word security to justify this here)

As I understand it, open SMETS2 CAD devices should allow you to do precisely what you want. The catch is, noone has released one for sale yet!

I understand that Hildebrand should be releasing something along these lines some time this year.

By the way, Octopus do provide an API which allows you to access directly the half-hourly data you are asking about.

If this means a lot to you, switch to Octopus. That’s what I’ve done!

PM me for a referral link if you are interested.

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Hildebrand were very much against open access when I last talked to them about a year ago. They want to sell a cheap device and then monetise your “anonymised” data. They have NO intention whatsoever of allowing access to your data directly from the CAD, without going via their cloud service. Has this changed recently? What have they said?

Just second hand info I read on an EV forum. Since data geeks will be the first main market for this kind of product they’d be mad not to. Will be a while before Jo Public cares about this stuff.

That’s what I tried to explain to them 12 months ago, but no they were definitely not interested in making the data easily available locally. That was the main reason I didn’t go ahead with buying one. Once Hildebrand work out that you can’t sell a device for a one-off £50 and then continue to provide cloud service for free forever, they’ll shut it down and the CAD wont work any more. Their intention is for your data to be their revenue stream.

I tried to make a strong case for that being precisely why they shouldn’t need or be expected to provide cloud service forever, for free, but they were having none of it. I gave up with them.

Will be interesting to see if they’ve finally come around.