SMETS2 IHD Changed electricity price to £0.00 3 days ago (and one more hiccup)

Hi there!

I thought that might be better than going through support as I can see lots of smart meter related tickets. Around 3/4 days ago i noticed my budget graph for electric stuck at 19p everyday. I’ve gone through all the settings and found that it believes my electricity costs £0.00 kWh. I can go back 7 days and it was working fine previously as I can see costs 7 days ago. Nobody touches the display so it’s something thats happened on its own.

I’ve found my last bill and was trying to find a place to input the correct charges myself but it appears I’m not able to do this? Can you update this on my behalf or let me know how I can do it.

Also - I understand the charts in the app are still in BETA but I just want to pass feedback that in the week / month and year view I am unable to view any electricity usage at all. I’m only able to view electricity usage in the Day view.


Hey @K3vin Welcome to Bulb community!

Thanks for your post, there is a lot of content here which will help others with similar issues.

With the charts, you can switch between the ways in which we take reads. If you head to account settings - smart date preferences you can amend this!

In terms of IHD showing £0.00 I think you should run a 48 hour reboot on this which can be done here, this can sometimes ‘wake up’ the IHD when its not quite showing what its supposed to.

I hope this has helped, if anyone needs to know more about our smart meters please feel free to read our help article.


Hi @Carl_at_Bulb,

Thanks for the reply unfortunately you may have misunderstood my post.

I am aware I am able to choose at what rate reads are taken and can confirm this is already set to every 30 minutes. I can also confirm this is working correctly as when I view my day chart I am able to view both gas and electric within the chart. The bug I’m reporting relates to the tabs along the top of the charge. If I choose anything other than Day view (e.g. Week / Month / Year) it no longer displays any electricity information even though I’m 100% confident it exists on my account. This is bug rather than an incorrect setting on my account.

Secondly, there is nothing wrong with the connection to from IHD to the meter as it is reading both gas and electric measurements correctly. However the IHD thinks my electricity cost per kWh is 0.00 and therefore stays at 19p all day. If I change the view to kWh usage I am able to see correct readings from the meter. The issue im describing purely relates to the tariff information and I am able to confirm the IHD has a strong connection both with my meter and a wifi connection. Edit: for the sake of ensuring all bases are covered on this particular issue i have followed through the link anyway and requested a reset

Hope that’s clearer and look forward to a solution

Hi Bulb,

The reset hasn’t worked as it’s still showing. £0.00 as my rate.
It is reading usage as KwH are showing for live usage.

Sent another reset request using the above link as i’ve read on here sometimes it works the 2nd time you ask.

Is this an official support channel btw or is it better to use live chat / call?

I’m assuming this isn’t an official support channel. I’ve tried to explain that the HUD is working fine it’s just my tariff which is wrong but I’m not sure anyone understands what I’m talking about so I may just put in the drawer and forget about it.

A disheartened, fed up customer.