SMETS2 IHD not working since switching to Bulb

I switched to Bulb several months ago from British Gas, who had installed SMETS 2 smart meters. The IHD worked for the first few days after the switch, but then it stopped working, displaying “Waiting for data”.

I’ve tried the reset function on the Bulb site 3 times now, over several weeks, but still no luck.

Is there anything else I can try or what are the next steps?

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Hi @duncanp, I’ll need a picture of the IHD so I can look into this further, so I’m going to send you an email about this today and we’ll see what we can do for you :raised_hands:

Lou :stars:

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Hi there Lou,

I also have been having the same issue, both my smart meters are installed but the usage tracking device isn’t working and displays waiting for data also.


Hi Lou,

I emailed across the photo as requested, but haven’t heard back since. Was there any update on this please?



@pscholarios It looks like your meter’s have lost connection with us in the last month. We need you to reset your readings frequency to daily in order to regain connection. Please use this link to do so! It’ll take a week or so to reboot the meters, let us now if you have any trouble doing this. :+1:

@duncanp Sorry for the delay in our response. It looks like you’ll need to do a Bulb account fix to fix the errors you are facing! Please use this link to do so and follow the instructions carefully otherwise it won’t work!


I’ve tried that link several times over several months now, but still no joy with the IHD working. It worked fine with British Gas.