SMETS2 Meters Smart Electricity Meters - anyone got one installed?

Anyone know of an energy company which is currently installing the new SMETS2 meters?

My electricity meter is faulty and my provider wants to replace it with another dumb meter. Apparently they’re not doing smart meters yet. Ideally, I want a SMETS2 because I’ve got solar panels and have been told the v1 meters don’t play nicely with them.

I called several energy companies today - and they all said they’re not planning on rolling out the new ones until next year.

So, which energy company can I switch to in order to guarantee a shiny new smart meter?

Hi @SheldonCooper1 and welcome to our Community :zap:,

I would highly recommend that you get your current supplier to replace your current meter with a dumb meter for now and make sure they sort out your billing after this if the meter is faulty.

Swapping suppliers when your meter is faulty can cause lots of issues and I would highly advise against it.

However, once they’ve changed the meter to a functioning meter and they have updated your statements, at that point it would be fine to switch.

We’re currently installing SMETS2 meters at Bulb for members with traditional credit meters with a few exceptions (namely if you have a 5-terminal meter for storage heaters).

thankyou my issue has been solved