Hi - getting a SMETS2 meter installed next month and looking at Solar. Does the meter provide real-time export data back to the grid as well as historical look-up capabilities?


AIUI, export readings are not processed automatically. It might come one day (but I wouldn’t count on it).

If you need an energy company to have export values (eg for SEG), you have to read them and submit them like an old-school meter.

Hi @jklondon,

SMETS2 meters do indeed track your import and export data in real-time. When you get your smart meter you can see your total active import and export :slight_smile: Sadly the automatic reads functionality doesn’t work for exported usage currently, only active import so you will have to submit export readings to us just as @stevefoster rightfully said.

Thanks both - so you saying i CAN see what I export to the grid real-time and historically - but - for the SEG claim I need to manually take a number and input into bulb website or something?

Yes, all you’ll need to do is to submit them on your Bulb account. You should have a separate account for your export payments and you’ll be able to submit your readings there. :+1:t5: