So bulb thinks I’m trying to scam them...?

May have seen my original thread about being ignored by bulb. Well I finally got responses to my email, but no help whatsoever. The estimated readings are much higher than the submitted readings (which I’ve uploaded with pictures each time). I was told to email the readings again, but they couldn’t be verified without showing the meter.
So I sent pictures of the gas meter and they replied saying this meter is from City B. I said this was not true, as I only have access to the gas meter with the property in City A and I have no account for any other property.
I got a response ‘quoting’ the gas meter serial number saying it clearly isn’t from the correct property, even according to the national database. The gas meter serial number they quoted IS NOT the same as the serial number of the gas meter in the picture I sent - and it’s not just a typo, it’s a completely different serial number.
Ive been replying back and forth saying this is the meter from the correct property only to get replies saying I’m wrong. I think it’s rude to try and imply and that I’m the one trying to scam bulb, when to me it looks like bulb is either completely incompetent or at worst, actually tried pull one over on me.

I’d suggest calming down and trying not to be so emotional over what is, after all, just a supply meter. No one is trying to scam anyone, and from what you’ve said Bulb have not accused you of anything at all. They have just said that the meter serial number they have doesn’t match the one expected.

There is no malicious intent here. It’s just a mistake. I’d suggest continuing the conversation with Bulb, stating the plain and simple facts, until the mistake has been resolved. Perhaps they’ll have to send someone to physically inspect your meter and get the national database updated with the information. It happens surprisingly often that the information is wrong.

It’ll get sorted out. Don’t worry about it. No one is going to take your first born son or drag you through the street while people throw rotten veg at you. There’s no need to be so dramatic about it all.

I’ve been emailing back and forth stating the gas meter is from the correct property. I just found it rude the way bulb responded that I was sending the wrong meter pictures after I replied several times, this was not the case. Have just been going round in circles with the same issue, I have asked them to send someone round to check but nothing sorted yet

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Yes, ok, rejecting the readings is one thing but not believing you’ve taken the photos where you’ve said you’ve taken them is going a bit far.

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Hi @idkidc,

I’m really sorry to hear that we haven’t been able to amend your account yet. I’ve taken a look at your email conversation and hopefully I can offer some further clarity on the issue.

As you’ve explained, the serial number on your gas meter doesn’t match what is recorded on the national database for your property. Your gas meter also has a sticker showing the previously installed gas meter, and this doesn’t match either. In fact, your serial number matches one of our meters in a nearby city. You can see why we’re a bit confused.

Bulb supply the meters at both of these locations, and there are a few reasons to suggest that these two accounts are linked through family. Therefore, we asked you to double check that you hadn’t submitted the wrong photo by mistake. It’s not that we don’t believe you, we just need your help to figure this one out.

I’ve sent over an email response with a bit more information. If there’s been a mix up on the national database, we can easily get that corrected and send out an updated statement. Thanks for being so patient with us.

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It would be helpful if you replied to my email where I have given the info requested.

Can I have an update about the situation? Also some further clarity about my submitted readings which have been rejected (due to serial number mismatch), because all the estimated readings have been much higher.

Can you please update me about the situation? I’ve had no clarification about the much higher estimated readings. I would like this situation to be sorted ASAP as there will be no one in the house over Christmas and I don’t want to be charged as normal for this. I’ve given you enough time to be made aware of the situation but I’ve had no actual solution as of yet.