So happy

Glad I made the right choice in leaving Npower after years of Loyality,Appalling customer service & At times 40 mins to answer a call…Looking forward to experience bulb engery customer services

Glad to hear that you’re happy! :slight_smile: Our aim is try and have the best customer service possible so we try to keep the wait time to a matter of seconds! Hopefully you won’t need to contact us but in case you do you can call on 0300 303 0635 between the hours of 0900 and 1800.

I have just made the switch tonight too! I am so pleased to see a company to offer ONE simple tariff - this is how it should be! As well as everything I else the company stands for is why I signed up! :slight_smile: I was with British Gas for so many years and was tempted to switch on a few occasions, but Bulb made the switching process so simple and easy to compare with! Thanks :slight_smile:

Great to see another happy new member! We only ever have one tariff as we believe in simplicity too - every member knows they are on our best possible deal, and don’t have to worry about newer joiners getting a better offer to entice them to join. B)