So I sent Bulb this email

I thought my email to was self explanatory
This is a screenshot of the email


but I just got this response

Ok, this one properly made me laugh.

We wish you well,
Seems the new start customer service operatives aren’t yet up to speed

The best laugh I’ve had in six months of gloom :joy: :relaxed: :relaxed:

It just shows that these so called Customer Service Advisors have not go a clue in how to deal with our problems.

No, it seems that bulb have been forced into the position of using a lot of new poorly/ill-trained staff. Also think a lot of the original staff have moved to pastures new(can’t say I blame them) Rats and sinking ships are words that spring to mind

And now I have this follow up email so they must have closed the ticket.
My experience of Bulb support is terrible and frustrating.


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I am sure BULB have lost the plot here. I just can’t believe how they are dealing with us. I had an instance with my DD and one advisor blamed the banks for the increase. Pay :peanuts: :peanuts: :peanuts: and you get :monkey_face: :monkey_face: :monkey_face: :monkey_face:

Hi @DrB,

I’m so sorry that the response you received doesn’t solve your issue or answer your question.

I’ve just sent you an email so we can get this resolved for you.

Why don’t you guys phone the customer, I’m sure that most of us have a phone number in our account. What’s that saying “It’s good to talk” and speak to the customer instead of always falling back on I have sent you an email. Oh sorry thats not in your script in how to deal with your customers.