Solar Energy

I’m planning on getting solar panels installed. Do bulb install them + any recommendations re good installation companies and pitfalls to look out for?

Bulb are an energy supplier. They do not install anything.

Hi @Kirkland_110 ,

We can offer you our export tariff once you have solar panels.

Check out our site on it here:

In terms of getting them installed, I would maybe have a look around online as I wouldn’t want to promote some installers over others.



Kirkland, I have had solar panels for 2 months and the grid is getting least 10kW per day free from me because bulb said I can’t have a smart meter yet and I can’t sell it to them without one. So please be aware of this.
I went with a local company in derbyshire who had been doing solar panels for many years. HR Solar Solutions did a brilliant job. Have a look at the local ones and how long they have been doing it.

Hey @Kirkland_110, Ben here from the solar team thanks for your question. We aren’t installing them yet, my recommendations are quite limit because most solar installers only serve a certain area. If you want to DM me your rough location I might have some tips. In terms of getting paid for what you export at the moment it’s a tough time for microgenerators. Bulb have launched an export trial and depending on your meter type we could pay you for what you export and in the next few months we would hope to be able to most people with second generation smart meters.

@ajntmw I completely understand your frustration and you’re right to try make others aware of this. We wrote a blog post when the government ended FIT that it would end in ‘daylight robbery’ Whilst you are exporting to the grid we can’t use this energy for settlement so we’re not making money from the energy you export. We’re doing our best to ensure that generators aren’t exporting for nothing but its a long process with a lot of blockers. One of the main issues with ending the Feed-in Tariff at the time that the government did was that this infrastructure wasn’t set up to make sure generators still got paid for what they export. One of these infrastructure blockers is as you say not being able to install smart meters in all homes due to signal issues.

Currently Bulb is one of few suppliers leading the market in trying to get the energy recognised and paying you for what they export. So whilst it might be frustrating you can take comfort in the fact that we’re not stealing your energy (the grid is) :#