Solar Panel battery backup

We already have Solar Panels and are thinking of getting a battery backup system. Some providers offer a lower off peak tariff specifically for charging batters, does anyone know if bulb offer a night time lower rate for charging at all? :slight_smile:

Yes, Bulb offer the standard two-rate Economy-7 and a beta test of a three-rate “smart” tariff.

So, we have solar panels, but missed the boat for a feed-in tariff. We recently decided to install a battery system. I can monitor my generation on my phone. At the moment my meter registers the rED error message. My question is, Can the smart meters cope with solar panel generation and battery storage?

My question is, Can the smart meters cope with solar panel generation and battery storage?

Yes. All smart meters correctly log both import and export.


Similar question.

I live in a flat (middle floor, no solar panels), I have electricity only and I am very interested in utilising battery charging during 11pm - 7am and battery output through the rest of the day.

Has anyone had any joy with this? Product suggestions? Smart Metering issues?

Additionally, a question for another property. Can you Grid Tie solar energy without the FIT scheme. I was with EDF previously in my old house which did have some on the garage and they updated the smart meter to show the panels as they thought it was a fault at first. It exported but never got paid out on it, would’ve been nice to use that in a battery system.

Helloo - great questions all round.

Firstly @thealiendad, @Hooloovoo hit the nail on the head. We’re trialling a time of use tariff we call the smart tariff Our smart tariff shows the real cost of energy when you’re actually using it. This will let you make better choices about your energy usage, which is better for your purse and the planet. And with half-hourly readings, we can give you a detailed look into how your decisions affect your monthly bill. Also if you’ve got a battery, you can charge it overnight when electricity is cheapest.

@william8296 Sorry to hear you missed out on the Feed-in Tariff. You could be eligible to get paid for our export trial if we can get readings from your smart meter. Which leads on to my next point, smart meters are not only compatible but their essential for the future of paying people for energy they produce from their solar panels. You can sign up for our export trial

@robwri35 Like I mentioned to William you might be able to get paid for what you export with our export trial ^ I think this is slightly different from Grid Tieing though. In terms of the battery for your other battery I would see if your eligible to move onto a time of use tariff before doing this. You can check that here