Solar panel help

Any advise would be hugely appreciated. We have been with BULB for a year for gas and electric. Previously we were with BG. We had solar panels fitted in 2015 by A Shade Greener. To be honest I am not sure we have ever seen a reduction in our fuel bills with these bu we are pretty useless at keeping track of things so I am not sure. Anyways I wanted to register these with Bulb but it says I need a specific certificate issued between 2016 and 2019. We ours were fitted prior to this. We do have a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate. I am not sure what to do. Any advise thankfully recieved.

Hi there.

Does the information in this article help at all?

Regarding the certificate which I believe is in reference to the MCS certificate, if you have never received FIT payments and your MCS certificate is dated pre-15th of January 2016 then you would be ineligible for the Feed-In-Tariff. Have you received FIT payments before?

If not then you unfortunately wouldn’t be eligible for the Feed-In-Tariff however we do have an export tariff alpha trial we are currently running and you can read about here.

I’m pretty sure A Shade Greener fitted ‘free’ solar panels, so they keep all FIT payments for the 20/25 years.

The alpha trial @“Scott at Bulb” mentions is good, as you’ll be getting something for nothing…