Solar Panel Installation

I’ve recently had solar panels installed through the warmer homes scheme via our council. How do we go about informing bulb so that energy stored can be off set from bill.

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As you generate renewable energy at your home, you might be eligible for our Export Payments.

You can sign up for our Export Payments if:

  • you generate electricity from solar photovoltaic panels, wind, hydro, anaerobic digestion or micro combined heat and power (micro-CHP)
  • you have a smart meter or export meter that records your exported energy every half hour
  • your installation has an MCS certificate, or a certificate from an equivalent scheme, such as Flexi-Orb
  • the total installed capacity of your installation doesn’t exceed 5 MW, or 50 kW for micro-CHP (you can find this information on your installation’s certificate)

To apply, you’ll need your MCS certificate number and your current export reading. Bulb account

I hope this information helps and if you require any further assistance then please let me know.

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Was that solar PV or solar thermal? (the warmer homes people appear to be installing both types, so you could have either, depending on what your council decided to do)

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Hi Suki,

Thanks for your response.

I am trying to complete the export payment form, however it is not accepting my MSC certificate number.

have you any suggestions?


Hi @MRB1

Have you checked with the installer that the MSC certificate if for the correct meter or MPAN number? This is often a reason for issues when signing up.

– Robyn :bulb:


I have started to sign up for the export payments and I have an accepted MSC certificate, but I can’t find the export reading on my current SMETS1 meter (EDMI Atlas mk7B). Can you assist please.