solar panel on my roof

WE have solar panel roof, is it ok as we become your renewable energy customer?

Hi, that’s absolutely fine, we are now taking on FIT payments (the payments you get for generating from solar). We can switch these across once you have switched to us as a supplier.

My gas and electric switch over to bulb on 30/9/18
How do I go about getting solar panels/FIT payment moved over ?

Smart meters: Do you yet know whether PV export will be handled only by SMETS2 models, or will an upgraded SMETS1 be capable of this? You presumably need a copy of the MCS installer certificate? It currently only shows 1.47kW (six panels), but we increased it soon after by 50% so it is now 2.205kW (nine). There was delay because the original installer went bust without completing the work.

@arthur255 Definitely SMETS2, as well as upgraded SMETS1 in the future. And yes, we’ll need the MCS certificate to register this installation for Feed-in Tariff generation and export payments.

Thanks for the clarification. We currently have SMETS1 meters from First:Utility installed by Siemens, the electricity one has a serial number starting 16P03. As soon as we can have the FIT readings handled by the smart meter, along with the usage, we will switch supplier to Bulb. What is the likely timescale now? October was mentioned before. When we do I will email the MCS certificate.

If I sign up now, how soon will you be upgrading my SMETS1 (from First:Utility installed by Siemens) to be able to handle both FIT readings and my usage? Or would you just replace them both with SMETS2?

@arthur255 Have you checked that you’ll actually be better off using the true export reading? I.e. Do you export >50% of the energy you generate and will this be the case in (x) years? I’m thinking home battery etc…

How does increasing the system size affect your FIT rate?

I very probably do not export much, as I have two computers on all the time. I considered a Moixa battery but concluded it would not be any use. I just want all the readings done by smart meter so my wife does not need to collect them from the generation meter.

How does increasing the system size affect your FIT rate?

There was no change to FIT rate. Had it been done later there would have been a lower rate. But we were just completing what we originally wanted - which had been left unfinished.

@arthur255 We are going to be installing smart meters in early 2019, we are not yet sure how this will integrate with our FiT service in terms of the generation meter readings.

Unless you export more than 50% of your energy we recommend that you stay on the deemed rate.

Thanks. One of your colleagues (Ben) did say 2 weeks ago that you would be able to collect FIT readings, either using an upgraded SMETS1 or a new SMETS2. Not much point in switching until you can collect FIT readings or take over my existing smart meter. When there is progress I will switch supply and FIT.

Can Ben (or anybody) respond to the above post please? Three weeks have passed.