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I would LOVE the idea of offering my roof for solar panels, I’m not even fussed about making money from it or having reduced bills. I just think it’s my duty as an energy consuming human. It’s hard to find honest impartial advice on fitting solar panels and it would be great if Bulb could produce some kind of information sheet on where to start.
What d’ya think @bulb?

After hours (I mean hours) of research, I had mine fitted in September. East/West split system. 20x 300Watt panels (10 each side) ~£6300. ~9 year payback. This will increase once the FIT ends, end of March '19.

What would you like to know?

To be honest I can’t afford a 6 grand outlay. I would be happy for company (like Bulb) to install panels on my roof and keep 100% of the energy produced.

Just a general comment.
I too at some future date would consider panels, but am not as thoughtful as your good selves, for me now-a-days it’s the price that power costs, though happy it can help in consuming/using less of our world resources…

I would like a system that includes the storage of power so to use at night… I thought I heard that there are improvements in the pipeline that soon the panels will be able to generate more energy from less sunlight/light.

Yes the initial purchase can be expensive, but the nagging ask for more money for electricity the constant news of price increases all over makes me prefer the pain of a one off hit cost to the thousand little pokes from constant price rises.

I have solar panels and have just joined how do I sign up for FIT payments?

I have solar panels and have just joined how do I sign up for FIT payments?

You can sign up for FIT here :slight_smile:

I have solar panels and have just joined how do I sign up for FIT payments?

You can sign up for FIT here :slight_smile:

I just signed up the other day, even though my solar installer warned me that Bulb is really bad at the signup process, and takes forever. I’ve got a £10 bet on you guys getting everything sorted in the 21 days stated… :wink:

@Martyn123 We think the Energy Saving Trust has some great impartial information on the Feed-in Tariff here

You can also use their solar energy calculator to help calculate the financial and environmental benefits you could


We’re working hard to make sure the sign-up process is a smooth as possible. So, any feedback on the process is super important.

Could you private message me with your email address that you use for your Bulb account? I’ll check out where your application is up to. We’ll make sure you get your £10!

Having initiated a supply switch (completes 26th) I also recently applied to switch my Solar PV FIT account to Bulb, but have had no response. I was awaiting a reply to confirm the generation meter number, as there was nobody here at the time who could go and look.
Since then my wife has looked, and the generation meter details are in an email which I sent Friday evening (21st).

@arthur255, I imagine that Bulb are on a skeleton staff over the holiday period but will get back to you within a couple of weeks.

Hi @arthur255

Thanks for emailing across your generation meter number, I can confirm we receive it.

You’ll need to add your meter details to your application from. An energy specialist will contact you shortly to let you know the next steps.

Let us know if you have any other questions.


Application form with associated documents all submitted online on 16/12/2018. Only the generation meter number was not available at the time and was emailed later.

I am assuming I do not need to do anything more??

Heya @arthur255

If you’ve updated your form then you don’t need to do anything further, we’ll take it from here.

Our FIT team will be in contact with you once they’ve gone through your application and are ready to get set up.

Give me a nudge if you have any questions.

@“Eleanor at Bulb”

Will Bulb be competitive with this?

“Energy suppliers with more than 250,000 customers will be mandated to offer a “smart export guarantee” tariff, with solar households expected to shop around for the best rate.”

Hey @phproxy

Watch this space! The FIT team will put up a blog post about our position on FIT and what the new mandate means for Bulb.

I don’t have details for you at the moment but as soon as we do, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Have switched my FIT to Bulb, but may shortly be switching supply back to Shell due to an unexpected problem reading the Secure Liberty meters which are listed as DCC-compliant.

@“Eleanor at Bulb”

Any thoughts about why your colleagues seem to disagree about (in)ability to read my Secure Liberty SMETS1 meters? I am holding back from switching back to Shell pending a response.

Hi @Arthur256

I see that you have a first generation gas meter that we’re currently unable to read. This means we will not be able to sign you up to the smart tariff at the moment.

We’ll try to install a second generation smart meter by the end of 2020. You can sign up to the smart meter waiting list and we’ll install a new meter as soon as we can.

Matthew tried to re-enrol your meter on to the smart tariff but without being able to communicate with your gas meter, it wasn’t successful.