Solar panels and smart meters

We were told by our previous energy supplier (British Gas) that we couldn’t have smart meters fitted because we have solar panels and claim Feed In Tarrif … even though the solar panels have their own FiT meter.

Apparently smart meters weren’t smart enough!

Will this still be the case with second generation smart meters?

Don’t know why that post shows as Mears family! They are out neighbours, who I introduced to Bulb, but I am logged into our account not theirs!

Hi there @mearsfamily and their wonderful neighbours,

That’s a really great question, and one we are asking suppliers about at the moment. We should have an answer soon for this, so watch this space.

I’m not sure what has caused the name mix-up but the issue has been flagged and will be looked at by our wonderful tech team for you.

Keep up the good work!

We were told the same! My guess is that they cannot compute the “reverse flow” where the energy being generated is not all being used and is flowing back into the national grid. I think the smart meters count backwards, and I don’t think the energy providers would like that