Solar Panels and Smart Meters

Does anyone have knowledge of how the new smart meters work if you already have solar panels installed?
I’m keen to understand if the meter can show how much solar energy is generated, used, and sent to the grid, before I agree to a smart meter installation.

A smart meter measures how much electricity is imported from the grid, and exported to the grid. By definition of where it is connected in the circuit, it can’t tell you the total amount generated. This is because whatever you use locally doesn’t go through the meter in either direction. To summarise:

Smart meter: Total imported, total exported.
You existing generation meter: total generated.

To see how much of your solar you’ve used yourself, you’ll have to do a bit of maths: total generated - total exported.

The smart meter can’t give you that latter figure directly, not because of some failing or poor design, but as above simply because it’s not possible at that point in the circuit. You’ll still need to take manual readings from your generation meter, and submit them for your FIT payments.

Thank you. That makes perfect sense.