Solar panels meter reading discrepancy

We moved into a property last year with solar panels installed on the property, when I’ve been submitting meter reading (low) always seems to be wrong/lower than previous reading according to the app. I’ve been sending in photos with the reading. The only explanation for this is the solar panels so at the moment I’ve been charged based on estimated amount. Is there anything that can be done to rectify this as I believe I’m paying more than I should.

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The most common reason for this happening is from solar panels having been installed but the electricity meter not upgraded to handle the electricity being generated. When generating electricity during daylight hours, the meter should just slow down or even stop when they’re generating more than they’re using but if their meter starts clocking backwards then we need to replace this. :sun_with_face:

You can see more about this here

You can book in a smart meter installation here

However, if you do have storage heaters let me know as you would not be able to have a smart meter in this case. As we only have 4 terminal meters and storage heaters usually run off the 5th terminal.

Let me know if you have any other queries.