Solar Panels ~ Via Rent A Roof Scheme

I recently purchased a home and it was already using solar panels under rent a roof scheme. I have zero experience of these. I moved to Bulb from SSE in January. I am happy with Bulb.

However I am confused about a few things. With rent a roof solar if we are producing 1.8kwh for example and run one alliance drawing 1.2kw in theory this should be free energy. However I am not convinced.

We are still being very wise about energy use but using about about 16.5kw per day. We stopped using the dishwasher and now it’s down to about 14.5kw. 3 bed house 2 parents one child is this normal.

My other question is do Bulb need to know about the panels? Remembering I make nothing on them just a little free electric occasionally.

Any insight and help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Bear in mind that February is not the month to judge this. Depending on the location and aspect and size of the installation then you should notice a difference come the end of March

No, Bulb don’t need to know anything.

14.5kWh is a little on the high side unless you use electric for heating the house, or heating water?

Remember you need to use the solar electricity as it’s created. Also, they don’t produce much in winter.

Hopefully Bulb will start making half hour readings available now smart meters are rolling out. This would allow you to see when most energy is been used, and hopefully the times when you don’t use any from the grid.

Example below (not with Bulb) with some 0p half hour periods due to solar pv.