Solar panels what’s the latest news

I have new home moved in nov it has solar panels , in reality I should have tariff from jan for energy but I’m not sure if it’s up and running yet

@Jackie123 as you’ve moved into a new house with solar I would have assumed you’ve received some information about the system from who ever installed it (previous occupant or house builder). If possible providing the community with the kW size of your system would be beneficial so that we could provide you some ideas at how much electricity it will generate annually and how much it can save you. Also an idea on how much electricity you expect to consume annually (without solar) would also be useful.

It’s unlikely you will receive a government FIT payment for the kWh produced by the PV array if this is a new build. However, if it was installed by a previous occupant then they may have received a FIT due to installing it before April 2019, prior to the FIT scheme being closed. You would need to speak to the previous occupant about moving the FIT into your name.

If it’s a new build you will want to look into Bulb’s: Export Payments @ 5.38p/kWh or Octopus’s: Outgoing Octopus @ 5.5p/kWh which will pay you for the exact units the system exports to the grid (i.e. electricity generated that you did not consume). This will require a SMETS2 smart meter which is capable of tracking both the cumulative imported kWh and the exported kWh. Once this is installed and working you can read here about reading your meters exported meter.

I also wrote the following Wiki image about getting solar which may be useful.