Solar Panels

I have just switched to Bulb and have solar panels. Can I still switch?

Bulb aren’t a Feed in tariff (FiT) licensee at the moment, however it is completely fine to have one supplier manage your FiT readings and payments, whilst another manages your ‘import’ supply from the grid - ie. Bulb. Everything will continue as normal with your FiTs.

We recommend giving your current supplier a quick call to check you don’t need to do anything before the switchover to keep FiTs with them.

Apart from that, the switch process is the same, so if you’d like to come over to Bulb you can switch online. It takes 21 days to complete a switch. We will arrange everything with your current supplier - all we ask from you is a set of readings around the switch date (we’ll email to remind you). We send this off to your old supplier so they can close your account.

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