Solar panels

Hi,have changed to bulb and have solar panels installed,who do I send the meter readings too now

I am the same, but continue to send my FIT reading to the Co-Op where I was previously, everything still works the same. There is currently no market for Solar power, there should be in my opinion. The companies all want to be green, but don’t appear to want our business!

From a previous post, Bulb are working on being an FiT licensee but for now @Mickp0260, you will continue to submit the FiT readings as normal to the company you submitted them to before.

Hello @Mickp0260 and @RonF - we are working on becoming a FiT licensee at the moment. We’re hoping to launch towards the end of the summer. We’re really excited to support our members who generate green electricity. Until then, you’ll need to continue your relationship with the company who bought your output before. We’ll keep members updated on when we are able to operate as a FiT licensee - looking forward to it :slight_smile: