Solar Panels

Hi- we’ve got solar panels - fitted a few years back- but I would like to know how the electricity that is being generated by then is taken off our usage?
We’ve switched energy suppliers a couple of times and haven’t noticed any difference or reduction in bills so worries we are being ripped off by the company who put them in. In theory we get usage during the day and they get value of whatever is left at end of day but how do I know this is actually happening ?
Any advice very gratefully received!


Were they free panels where the company keeps all FIT payments etc?

If so you’ll just benefit from free energy when the panels are producing.

So on a bright sunny day, you should be able to see that your electric meter isn’t incrementing, despite you using electric…(obviously depends how much you’re using/what the panels are producing)

Hi @MichelleorShell as @phproxy says they may have been set up so that the company who installed them keeps the Feed in Tariff (that’s the money you get from the government, through a supplier, for the electricity you generate). Otherwise, you should be receiving the Deed in Tariff payments, that’s something you register for once the solar panels are installed, and once you have the installation certificates and proof of ownership and so on. Did you ever sign up for something like that, with any supplier?

The feed in tariffs don’t switch supplier automatically when you change energy provider, it’s a separate switching process with more forms and so on.