Solar Power and Bulb

If I have solar installed on my property does bulb benefit from this? or does it just generally go into the grid and other non-green buyers get my energy I create?


The 2nd one. It just goes into the grid, so will be used by your neighbours and you’re doing your bit to make it greener…

Ah yes I understand how to technology works.

So the feed in tariff isn’t paid to you by who you buy the energy from? I read online (somewhere!) that as a solar own you where like a mini wholesale supplier.

I ask as I was wondering after the feed in tariff ends at the end of March if the electricity you generate will be sell-able to the highest bidder? All worked out by our smart meters.



As things stand, if you sign up post April you’ll get nothing from anyone.

This may well change going forward…

You don’t have to sign up for your FIT payments with your energy supplier (some smaller companies don’t offer it)