Solar power switching

Hi, I have 3.5kWh array. I currently use Scottish power for the feed in tariff.

can I switch to Bulb? Do I retain the same rates for the feed in tariff?

I also have a Tesla Model S. Are there any plans for EV incentives?

As of April…

“Bulb aren’t a FiT licensee at the moment, however it is completely fine to have one supplier manage your FiT readings and payments, whilst another manages your ‘import’ supply from the grid - ie. Bulb. Everything will continue as normal with your FiTs - I suspect you send in quarterly readings and are paid for your generation. We’ll manage your import side completely separately from this, so will ask for regular readings to ensure we charge you correctly.”

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Hi @michael1713 – I agree with what superstar @phproxy wrote.

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