Solar PV and FITS

I’ve currently with SSE for Gas and Electricity and pay monthly by DD. My 1 year price fix ends in a week. SSE is also my FITS provider for the 3.33kWp of Solar PV on my roof and it credits my bank account quarterly with the FITS payments because I also buy energy from them. I have a generation meter, which I own as part of the FITS installation and then the main house electricity meter records both import and export. I assume it belongs to SSE as they are also the DNO for my area.

What would Bulb offer in place of this arrangement.

@TonyBrett, unfortunately as a young company Bulb do not currently offer anything in the way of feed-in tarrifs for residential solar generation.

Hi @TonyBrett,

Thank you for your interest in Bulb. Mowcius is correct in saying we do not currently offer a FIT, however, we are looking to introduce one next year once we meet the necessary threshold in terms of customers. For now, we would be able to supply your domestic supplies and your FIT would have to remain with your current or another supplier.

@“JamesG at Bulb”, Could that go on the roadmap?

Do you know what the necessary threshold of customers would be?


I’ve been with SSE for my FIT payments since 2008 (when they were ROC payments). I don’t know that there is any advantage in wanting to change who you get the payments from in all honesty. The rates are fixed and if it ain’t broken then why change it? There is no love lost between SSE and myself as they have might a right ‘bottom’ of my payments over the years mainly because they couldn’t cope with my having a split system where 1.28kW rolled over from the old ROC system and the 2.56kW is pure FIT.



@mowcius We’ll be adding to our roadmap once we’ve planned the expected delivery date, but I’m sure that won’t be too far off.

@linesrg We’re in agreement with you as once you’re in a FIT agreement, there’s no need to change other than consolidation into one supplier. We’ll let you know once we’re a licensee so you can make that decision in the future and hopefully we won’t have as much difficulty as SSE.